What's With Jean Thomas? is an episode of What's With Andy?.

Recap Edit

It begins at Beans and Burger at night. Andy is sitting at a chair, wearing a long, brown wig with a ponytail, sunglasses, and a yellow jacket. He says "Yes, it is me and I know what you're thinking." He then says that he doesn't really know, then explains he is in the middle of a cunning prank to get out of a sticky situation caused by another prank, which he did as a result of The Prank.

It all started when The Prank at school went horribly wrong and he ended up alienating everybody, being suspended for a week, and being grounded by his parents. (In the flashback, Mr. and Mrs. Larkin are packing the car and Andy and Jen are on the deck. The parents, it is explained, were on their way to Wacky World Amusement Park and leaving Andy at home. Al in the flashback says that he regrets the punishment, but feels it's necessary, using three idioms which Andy feels are too cliched. Andy says he wants to meet his favourite author, but Al said that maybe he should have thought of that before he pulled The Prank. Andy hands Al a book and requests that Al send an autograph. Al says yes. Freda gets emotional and they leave. Both parents were a bit sad, but instantly cheered up in the car and rejoiced as they were going to Wacky World. Back at home, Jen yells at Andy to stay in his room, out of her way, and forget about pranks and parties (however seeing as everyone in school hates his guts, Andy doesn't think parties are an option, but Jen didn't want to hear it), and most importantly, not to interfere with her date with Craig. Andy says he used to have a date with Lori, but then she cancelled due to The Prank. Jen teases that no self-respecting girl would be caught dead with a "dweeb" like Andy anyway. This leaves Andy mad, and he daydreams that Jen is at the movies with him, dead. Andy says that Lori thinks he's cool, but Jen just wants to tease. Andy growls and goes upstairs.

Andy is lying on his bed, listening to a story on the radio. Danny enters through the window. Andy asks him grumpily "What do YOU want?". Danny replies that he thought Andy would be happy to see him, considering the rest of the school is not speaking to him due to the infamous Prank. Andy, however, is angry at Danny for getting his list of supplies wrong, and what he's most sad about is Lori cancelling the date. Danny finds the idea of Andy dating Lori funny as "she hates him". Andy wants to date Lori just to show Danny and Jen. He requests a knee-length coat and a longish, brown wig. He then googles several locations while changing into the clothes.

He then explains to Andy that he is disguising as his own long lost identical twin brother from Montreal and said he got the idea from watching something about a dude who disguises himself as an English bureaucrat to fight for the French. Andy then explains he will pose as a cool, French dude from Montreal to make Lori want to go on a date with him. Danny doesn't think it's such a good idea as Andy doesn't speak French. Andy replies that Lori doesn't either, so he can bluff. Danny asks what if Lori goes out looking for Andy while he's dressed as his brother. Andy just replies "They seek Andy Larkin here, they seek Andy Larkin there. He's the world's greatest prankster anywhere!", which confuses Danny. Andy, in his outfit, climbs out the window and walks down the street past Lori and another girl. Lori recognises him and wonders if he's turned goth. Andy tries to speak French and pretends to not understand her.

At the school cafeteria, Lori asks Danny what's with Andy. Danny says "How do you mean?". Lori explains that he was "dressed up like Slene Dion and speaking in foreign tongues" that morning, and then asks if he is doing another one of his "stupid" pranks. Danny plays dumb and says that couldn't have been Andy as his parents grounded him.

Andy, still dressed up, is in the yard. Lori asks him what all this is about. Andy tries to speak French, while explaining about mixing him up with Andy and introduces himself as Jean Thomas. Lori tells him to knock it off. Andy explains in his fake-French way that he and Andy were separated at birth. Lori asks him how to say "If you practice hard you may one day win the Stanley Cup" in French. Andy says something which actually translates to "Your ears are so big that you look like the Stanley Cup." Lori is still thinking it's Andy, and tells Andy to grow up.

That night, Danny photographs Andy doing random poses, he asks why and Andy says it was something to do with Photoshop. At Wacky World, the parents and a child see a mascot dressed as a moose. Al asks for an autograph and the mascot gets covered in green ink, blames it on Al, and goes mad. Andy talks about really missing someone and explains desperate times call for desperate measures. Andy goes to the Beans and Burger, dressed up as Jean-Thomas, when Lori and her friend, looking angry, enter. Lori was about to chew Andy out, but notices he seems sad, and asks what's wrong. Andy as Jean-Thomas shows her photographs of himself in the poses, photoshopped into other photos to make it look like he and Andy are different people. Lori is almost believing Andy, but the other girl is not convinced. She starts to intimidate Andy, and Lori continues to be grumpy at Andy. Andy as Jean-Thomas dials a cell phone, and pretends to call Andy. It is Andy's recording about missing people. Lori, on Andy-as-Jean-Thomas's request, asks Andy what he has to say about the pranking. Danny gets another recording, apologising for The Prank, and swearing to give up pranking. Lori apologises and Recording-Andy asks to show "Jean-Thomas" around East Gackle. At home, Danny goes up to Andy's room and Jen yells "I told you to stay in your room, dork!". She goes into the kitchen, complaining. Al goes into the men's bathroom at Wacky World, but gets into a fight with the moose mascot, who doesn't seem to be able to accept an apology and seems to like to chase more than the average adult.

At Beans and Burger, Lori apologises and Lori tries to show him around. Andy as "Jean-Thomas" suggests they go to the movies at seven o'clock tomorrow. Danny, on the streets, takes a photo. At the movies, Andy doesn't like this situation as he wants to move on. They talk about Andy. Lori calls Andy immature again. Andy as Jean-Thomas says he has to return to Montreal. Lori says they can keep in touch.

They leave, and Andy decides to give "Jean-Thomas" a darker side. He admits Lori "doesn't know him" and admits "he stole at age six, did graffiti at age eight, and mooned an Australian tourist at age eleven." Lori, however, likes him as a naughty boy.

Andy, in his regular clothes, is talking to Danny on the couch, and is worried as Lori asked him on a date at the same time as his parents are due back. Danny wonders why he doesn't enjoy hanging out with Lori, and Andy says the problem is she's got the hots for Jean-Thomas, not Andy.

Jen comes in, grumpily asking what Andy is doing out of his room. Andy explains he's entertaining guests. Jen doesn't think Danny is a guest and calls him a "four-eyed puddle". Andy asks if Jen is unhappy, and Jen explains that Craig has another girlfriend, and uses a lot of insults to describe all men, which offends Danny, but inspires Andy for a method of breaking up Lori and "Jean-Thomas": By showing up with another girl. However Danny, despite deep down thinking it's a good idea, sees one flaw in it: Everyone of both genders still hates Andy for pulling The Prank.

Andy is at the Beans and Burger in the next scene, with a hungry, nervous Danny in drag. Lori comes in and pretends to be awkward about another woman. She pours water on him. They slip out back. Lori talks to her friend outside. The friend goes in and calls up the Larkins, introducing herself as Hazel Strider. She gets Andy's "miss you" recording. Andy sits by Spank, who farts, and give Jen a photo of "Jean-Thomas" and Lori. However, Jen doesn't recognise Andy in the photo. The doorbell rings, and it's Hazel, who jumps on Andy and kisses him. Then, the parents go home.

Trivia Edit

  • Because of Danny and Hazel interrupting him, we still don't know what The Prank was.
  • Andy's recording on missing people went like this: "Oh, hi. I'm so glad it's you. I've been lying here thinking about how much I miss you. (""Lying" being the key word" said Danny) I'm really miserable not being able to see you every day!"
  • The three idioms Andy didn't like were "this hurts us more than it hurts you", "we feel we have to be cruel to be kind" and "the punishment must fit the crime".
  • The insults that Jen used towards men and boys were "selfish, ignorant, rude, stupid and piggish."