Very Bad Idea is an episode of What's With Andy, based on Crazy, Bad, Dumb Idea from Just Crazy.

Recap Edit

It starts with Andy flying through the air with balloons tied to his back, shouting "I'm gonna die!". Andy freeze-frames a photo of the event and says he is not really going to die, but instead, he is going to do a prank. He wonders if he should get that photo on his bedroom wall and starts to tell how he got it.

It all started with an event known as the "Cow Salad Incident". Andy had set a cow loose in the cafeteria, but she had eaten the salad, which had made her sick.

After the Cow Salad Incident, Principal DeRosa had assigned Andy to help Danny's dad Mr. Pickett at the Annual Science Fair (also known as the Yearly East Gackle Nerd Fest). Andy finds the science fair boring.

Andy and Danny were filling up helium balloons, and Andy thought what they were doing was his best idea ever. Danny didn't think it was going to work, because he didn't believe Andy would get enough lift from the balloons to take flight. Danny had done the math, and calculated that Andy would need five hundred party-sized balloons. Andy didn't want to give up. The boys thought for a bit, and then a man in a van showed up with a weather balloon he didn't know what to do with.

Mr. Pickett had found the weather balloon beautiful. He had said it was an answer to his prayers and Andy replied "You took the words right out of my mouth, Mr. Pickett." Mr. Pickett had planned to use it to demonstrate weather in the science fair. He had then assigned the boys to watch the weather balloon.

Danny tied Andy's balloons and the weather balloon to his back. Andy told him to let go, but not let go of the rope. This worked fine, but Danny wanted to ask a question which Andy couldn't hear, and then Danny started to be pulled along. Danny commented on how strong the wind was. He then started bouncing backwards. Mr. Pickett asked what he was doing. Danny replied he was doing the moonwalk. Andy, flying through the air, was enjoying himself. Mr. Pickett chased Danny, who fell on his back, and the rope that was tied to his belly came loose, sending Andy free-floating. He apologized. Mr. Pickett was sad because of the balloon floating away. Meanwhile, Andy was trying to not worry and attempted to use a "spud cannon" to pop the balloons with mashed potatoes, but it didn't work. The mashed potato landed on the Pickett men. Mr. Pickett then pointed out danger - Andy was flying towards electrical wires. That was where the "I'm gonna die!" came into it.

But luckily, Andy survived, and he explains how he did.

He was bummed out because it was going to be East Gackle's biggest prank, but he wouldn't survive to enjoy it. He tried to get altitude by throwing away what was in his pockets, and then his shoes. The shoes landed on Lik and Leech, who had just stolen a boy's ice cream. While the bullies were distracted by shoes on their heads, the boy got back his ice cream and thanked "the floating boy."

Andy still wasn't high enough, and took off his shirt and socks. The crowd noticed him and exclaimed. They then gathered round to watch Andy. Danny was too scared to watch. Andy then reluctantly took off his pants, which landed on a pizza delivery man's head. Lauren "Lori" Mackney came along and recognized the pants. She asked Andy what he was doing. Andy had escaped the power lines. Then, several toy planes flew at him. It was the teacher and his friends and they thought it was an airborne invasion. Andy then used two toy planes to go down. The reporter then put it on the news. Everyone was watching. Mr. Pickett had then grabbed Andy and they crash landed, tearing the weather balloon on a tree. Then, the Pickett men and Andy got their photo taken. Then, Mr. DeRosa came and tried to put Andy in detention, but according to Mr. Pickett, Andy had saved the science fair. The reporter asks how he did it. Andy tried to say it was just what he did, but Principal DeRosa took the heat. Andy said "But I'm..." to which Lori had said "Trying to get on TV in your underpants?" She then gave him his pants back.