The Prank That Never Happened is an episode of What's With Andy, in which Andy must convince Al that a particular prank never happened, or risk being sent to military school.

Recap Edit

It starts with Andy climbing a tree and saying that if birds and squirrels can hide up in the trees, so can he. Al walks out, calling Andy's name, followed by a red parrot. He calls for the parrot, who flies into the tree and says "Who's a clever boy?" twice. Andy shoos the bird away and Al says "Who's the crazy one now?". Andy jokes that this moment is "for the birds".

It started with a prank that got out of hand. He'd put Al's wallet in the middle of the street, and a large man on a Harley had found it and returned it. The dude pointed out that there was also a piece of paper saying there was a twenty dollar reward for its return. Al denied that it was his wallet, and the dude replied "Are you trying to make me look like an idiot?!". Al had said "You don't need my help", offending the dude, so Al had offered to call the police, but the dude just wanted his twenty bucks. Al offered a dollar fifteen, but the dude wasn't satisfied, so Al just closed the door. The dude strode right into the house, demanding twenty dollars, and scaring Al. Al ended up tripping over Spank and landing in the kitchen. The dude picked Al up, and Al was very nervous the dude may hurt him. Al eventually gave him Freida's charity money. The dude then left, and Al found out Andy did it. Andy came down in his P.J.'s, claiming he was trying to sleep. Al was very angry and gave Andy a scarier-than-usual telling-off, and threatened to send him to military school that summer. Andy didn't want to go and swore never to prank again. Al still wasn't letting it go.

Danny was typing, while Andy was complaining about military school and how he wanted to pull pranks, not drive tanks. Danny said that girls go crazy over boys in uniforms, but Andy said snipers did, too, and wished it had never happened. He then got inspired and told Danny that beside from himself, Al, and the biker, nobody knew the prank had happened, so he just had to convince Al that he'd imagined it all. Danny thought that it was too hard and said "As if that would be easy". Andy looked through his box of tricks and found an old copy of the East Gackle Cackle, a photo, and Danny to help him. Andy then did an evil laugh, but Danny just sighed.

On the deck, Andy replaced one page of the new newspaper with a page of the old one. He then asked the red parrot that he was looking after for Martin if it wanted crackers. Jen thought the cage stank and told Andy to clean it. Andy promised to do it later, while the parrot copied "P.U.". Andy asked Al if anything newsworthy happened in town and Al said yes, the river burst its banks again. He realised his boss lived in that area and went out. Danny, in drag, and with cheerleading pompoms, cheered Al on. Al dismissed him as a crazy kid. Andy, who was in the house, noted that Danny did a good job. He then said that Freida and Jen don't like hockey, but Al always watched it, except this time.

At Al's work, a man was Chosen Employee of the Month for the third time in a row, but Al wasn't impressed. The man gave Al a card and did an evil laugh. Al walked into the boss's office and told the boss that he'd read about the flooding in the paper and hoped he was OK. The boss said it had been years since there was flooding and asked Al to go back to work. Al picked up the paper and noticed the flooding story wasn't there. At home, Al told Andy to move while he straightened out the couch. Frida and Al discussed the flood story incident, which Freida had failed to find. However, Andy had put the paper in the recycling on the way to school. The parrot copied "recycling truck". Jen had cleaned the cage and Andy joked that Jen smelled. He then turned the TV on and it was on Andy's cassette tape, with a different hockey team than usual. Al started to watch TV, not liking the difference, and went out for some fresh air, declaring it a "lousy day", which the parrot repeated. Andy turned the channel back to the regular hockey channel. Freda came in and asked where Al was, noting it was strange of Al to miss a game. Andy did a double thumbs up.

The next morning, Danny was in the driveway, doing the chicken dance in his underwear and chanting about how chickens were good birds but he liked to eat them. Al was shocked.

At work, Al's boss was angry about the headline: Protect Our Forests So Beavers Have a Place to Go to the Bathroom, and thought it didn't make sense as paper came from trees. A man came in and said that Mr. Larkin was arguing with all of his coworkers about hockey games. Al walked in and demanded to talk to his boss. Al told his boss about the hockey game incident. The boss got angry and thought Al had gone wacko, and suggested he take a few days off, as he thought maybe he had a psychological problem. The other man had volunteered to do Al's job. The boss ordered Al home and at home, the whole family insisted the right hockey game was on. Danny came over. Al asked Danny why he'd been acting strange in the morning, but as part of the prank, Danny played dumb. Al told him the chicken thing but Danny pretended to be scared and claimed that the last time he was at the Larkin household was Sunday. Al wondered if he was going crazy and wondered if worry about the biker had caused a psychological problem in him. Frida noted that Al didn't say anything about a biker. Al told Freida about the biker, and Freida said that there was no money missing from her charity box. Al said that he'd replaced it, and that it was Andy's fault and asked Andy to fess up. However, Andy denied that the biker and the wallet prank existed. Frida wondered if there was something wrong with Al and wondered if rest would fix it. Jen told Al not to do anything rash, then both female Larkins went upstairs. Al was very worried, however Martin's parrot started to say "cough up the twenty". However upon being asked "What did you say?" the parrot replied "Who's a clever boy?", so Al resigned. The boys were satisfied.

The next morning, Al started to make a sprout and liver omelette, which neither of the Larkin children liked. Freida said that Al needed support, and Al offered to drive the kids to school, which Andy thought was not necessary. Andy and Jen got driven to school and teased by Lik and Leech for being "little kids". Andy didn't like it. Freida vacuumed, while Al had nothing to do, so he went to school. He'd volunteered to give a speech on paper making, which none of the kids liked, especially not Martin, Lori, or Andy.

Afterwards, Andy and Danny played catch outside. Al started to teach Andy to swing a bat, but accidentally broke a window. The boys then attempted a money prank, which Al made Andy stop. Al then did a speech on trees and paper. This caused Lori and another boy to glare at Andy, thinking it was his fault. Andy wanted to get rid of Al since he didn't want Lori to hate him. Andy and Danny then went to the movies because Andy thought "no school, no Dad" and painted spots on Johnny and Hazel to pretend they had measles and close the school down. However, Andy noticed that Al was watching, too, and gave away a spoiler. The boys then go ice skating. Andy had faked a call from Al's cousin George to go to George's wedding. However Al didn't like George and showed up at the rink anyway. Al started to do a trick, but bumped into Andy.

At school, Al did another paper speech. Andy faked a fire drill. However, Al picked up on it, and continued his paper speech.

Al walked down the hill with lots of toilet paper for the janitors, however one of them was a member of Green Defenders. The two men then argued like children. Andy and Lori then had a conversation at Beans and Burger. Al dropped in to join, but then Lori left, causing Al to believe Andy had offended her. Andy decides to fess up, but Al rejected him, telling him about his rival (Mr. Vole). Danny then measured Mr. Vole's tree. They then played the wallet prank on Mr. Vole, slipping a note the boss read, about the Tree "Murderers" Campaign, along with putting Green Defenders stuff in Vole's office and locker, causing the boss to be mad at Vole. The boss then phones Al up, asking Al back to work. The Larkins ate tofu pancakes, which neither of them liked. However, Al suspected Andy because of the wallet thing. Andy played dumb, however the bird started saying things said during the biker incident. Al then noticed the flood sorry was lining the parrot's cage. That's where the audience left off.