Romancing the Prank is an episode of What's With Andy, focusing on Danny's first crush.

Recap Edit

It starts with a dirty Andy saying that it was Danny's first love. In the background, Danny is complaining of pain.

In the lunch, the boys are served peas and spam, which Danny likes, but Andy calls "evil". Then, Danny gets giggly because of the girl in front of them. She introduces herself as Rachel and adds she moved to East Gackle from Regina. She goes to sit down, but Danny's still in "attraction mode" and is drooling and doing a lopsided grin. Andy tells him he's drooling in his peas. Danny stops drooling, but he's still thinking about Rachel and asks if she's an angel. He drops his food and spills it on his pants and the floor. Lik and Leech laugh at him, with Leech teasing him for being a "baby" and needing a bib.

Danny walks down the corridor in gym shorts, looking unhappy. Rachel runs up and asks what's going on. Danny gets tongue-tied. He says "I smelled like pea-uh-peas, so the teacher made me go and change. Good thing I had gym today." Rachel points out Andy (calling him an "awesome prankster guy") who is pretending to choke. The teacher sees him and gasps. She goes to help him but notices the chalk on his face. She lets go and he laughs. He goes out and tells Danny that the latter "missed the chalk gag". Andy then walks off and Rachel says she "loves pranksters". Danny then pretends he's the one who thinks up Andy's pranks and tells him to do them. He also describes Andy as needy and attention-craving. Rachel asks if Danny's the "creative mastermind" and Danny reluctantly agrees. Rachel and Danny make a deal for "Rachel to be there when Danny pulls his next prank." Danny giggles when Rachel leaves. In class, Danny says he and Rachel have a date. Andy suggests Danny wear pants on his date. Danny then worries that he's not Rachel's type. Andy agrees that Danny is "a goner" and hopes they have something to do. Danny asks if Andy's planning any "ingenious pranks". Andy asks why he asks, and Danny shyly explains that Rachel thinks he's the prankster. Andy is shocked and asks who gave her that information. Danny apologizes and fesses up. He also explains why and begs. Andy says that he would like to help, but he's defined himself as the greatest in the world. He imagines himself as king, then agrees to help. Danny says "I don't deserve you", and Andy says "It's not like I'm giving you a kidney or anything."

At Beans and Burger, Danny shows up with flowers, and Andy notes the lack of choices: beans or a burger. Danny is shy, but Andy gives him a run-down. While Danny wrings out his sweaty sock, Andy says the first rule is for her not to see him sweat. As Danny puts his footwear back on, Andy says the next rule is that there's no shame in failure and to learn from your mistakes. Andy gives Danny his pranking notebook. Danny greets Rachel and they talk about pranks. Andy is spying and stealing hot apple pie and hot sauce. He puts the sauce on the pie and puts it back. The mayor gets served the pie, along with the police, who freak out from the hotness. Rachel is impressed. She and Danny leave, with Andy hiding behind the coat rack, laughing. He thinks it's his best prank, but Rachel is complimenting Danny as she thinks it was him who pulled the prank.

At school, a tabloid called the East Gackle Cackle notes that Danny was the "master of pranks". Danny said that that part was Rachel's idea. Andy reads the tabloid and says that the prank was described as clever and hilarious. Lik and Leech come and congratulate him. Then, a whole group of students come and start chanting "What's with Danny?", which Andy thinks is ironic.

Andy and Danny then go to spy on Rachel, which was Danny's idea. Then, Principal DeRosa notices them and tells them to get back to class. They start to obey, but DeRosa halts them. He tells Danny that he read about what he did with the hot sauce and the mayor (actually Andy's prank, but he doesn't know that). Andy sticks up for Danny by saying it was not on school property. DeRosa then says the mayor deserved it for stealing his girlfriend, which surprises Andy, who asks if he liked the prank. DeRosa says he doesn't ever like pranks, but the mayor deserved it, however, he does still put the boys in detention for a week (possibly because Andy said he was soft). Alone in the hallway, Danny is distracted and then loses his footing.

Andy is walking home from school, whistling, and Danny catches him up. He tells him he is on another date with Rachel. Danny is very happy, and Andy is happy for him but doesn't seem very happy in general. However, he does cheer up when Danny says that he is the world's greatest prankster. Danny says that Rachel wants more. This intrigues Andy. Danny says they are going to the Bat and Cages, upon which Andy finds a prank in his notebook.

At the date, Rachel asks Danny what he'll allegedly do and when. Danny shushes her. Andy then sneaks behind the baseball machines and fills one with potatoes. A bunch of girls are attracted to the athletes, who start to play. The girls are still love-dazed and the potatoes start flying. Rachel calls Danny a genius, upon which an athlete asks Danny if he pulled the prank. The athlete then recruits Danny for his new TV pranking show. Andy is sick of not getting the credit. He says "The Andy Gravy Train stops here."

At school, Rachel, Jervis, and Craig congratulate Danny on "his" pranks and wonder where his "sidekick", Andy, is. Andy is putting his bag in the locker and Danny waves to him, but Andy ignores it, disappointing Danny. In class, Danny compliments Andy on the potato prank. Andy is still not flattered and plays dumb. Danny asks Andy another favor. Andy's not interested and walks off. He then teaches some preschoolers to play hockey, and asks if they have any questions. Danny continues pleading in the back, but Andy says "No!". He continues with the teaching.

In a kitchen, Danny hides in a cupboard, getting only a "No!" from Andy. Danny then begs in the toilet, which Andy thinks is crossing the line. Then, Danny's on TV. Danny visits and apologizes. Andy accepts the apology. He then leaves. Danny notices Andy's prank notebook. He imagines Rachel and Andy to try and help him decide. Rachel would want Danny to use it but not Andy. Rachel is "hot", but Andy would say that beauty is only skin-deep and friendship is forever. Because he is imagining Andy and Rachel, Danny then gets distracted and has a daydream of both putting on lipstick and kissing him on the cheek. Daydream-Andy then tells Danny to take the notebook. Danny reads the notebook and discovers the "greatest prank." Andy comes in with lemonade, but Danny leaves.

In the hallway, Danny and Rachel are flirting and Andy is sneaking around. Danny says "his next prank" is a masterpiece and Andy wonders if he's "created a monster". Danny then imagines an old-timey movie of a prank, involving putting garbage into Beans and Burger's chimney. He then gets all giggly again. Andy, who is behind the locker, giggles.

That night, Danny asks the pizza delivery man for a lift to the dump. He obliges. Andy is hiding in the back of the car, suppressing laughter. At the dump, Danny falls into a puddle and gets chased by rats. He runs away and wants to come back but the door is locked. The pizza man mentions a friend in West Gackle who is in jail. Dogs bark at Danny, who drives back to Beans and Burger, where Andy is waiting. Danny fesses up to Danny. Danny agrees Andy really is the world's greatest prankster and wonders if he should confess to Rachel. Andy says the prank was fake, and they both plan a prank. Danny distracts the chefs, while Andy puts up taxidermy animals as fake daily specials. This grosses the customers out. They run out of the building. A food inspector considers shutting down Beans and Burger due to "health violations". The inspector then handcuffs Danny, and it turns out just to be a prank by Rachel. Danny has mixed feelings about the prank. Andy recognises the guy as the clown at Jervis's party who took off with Lori. The man says he is now an actor, and Rachel flirts with him. They walk out. Andy and Danny are disappointed, and the owner makes them clean the restaurant, which is why the boys are dirty.