In order to avoid helping with a school fundraiser, Andy pretends to be dead. His parents out-prank him and drag him to the fundraiser. Andy must keep up the "dead" façade.

Recap Edit

The episode begins with Andy lying in bed fully dressed. He says it is 8:13 in the morning and pretty soon his mom will come in and demand he get dressed (despite the fact he's already dressed). But he's not going to, because he's dead. Not really dead. Just acting, which is pretty hard as he can't scratch an itch or go to the bathroom. He explains that his reason for playing dead is because Freida Larkin volunteered him for the dunk tank. Freida then comes in and tells Andy to wake up and complains the room stinks. She then changes his shirt. Andy wonders how she could think of dirty laundry when she sees her only son lying "dead". Freida and Alfred "Al" Larkin enter. Al rubs Andy's back and tells him to stop fooling around. He then pokes Al then pokes Andy's eye and looks for a pulse. Upon this, Andy tries to will his heart to slow down. Al suggests that if it's a joke, he give up or he's going to be in trouble. Freida asks if Andy is all right, and Al says "I wish I knew a better way to say this, but Andy's kicked the bucket." Freida cries, and Andy feels a bit bad, but decides it's war and in wars people cry. Al says that they bury Andy, which surprises him. Al then adds that they will bury Andy in the backyard, right now as the room is stinky. The Larkins are in the backyard with Al actually digging. Andy wonders if he is that good an actor. Al asks if they want to say any words, but Sooty can't talk and Jennifer "Jen" Larkin and Freida don't want to. All members of the Larkin family look bored. Al puts Andy in the ground and begins to fill the hole up. Andy imagines himself winning an award for Best Actor Faking His Own Death and wonders if his family are kidding. The family say that Andy meant well, despite being a handful. Jen is ab out to flat-out call Andy a pain, but eventually says he's a good brother and will be missed. Andy decides they must be tricking or else Jen wouldn't be saying anything nice. Andy says he can play dead forever. The other Larkins then decide to take Andy to the carnival so they don't "leave him for the crows to eat". They get in the car. Al, who is driving, says he wants a double-stacked Gackle Burger, which he apparently loves. According to Andy, however, Al doesn't like Gackle Burgers. Al notes that it was Andy's favorite restaurant and asks Andy if he's "still dead". Andy, due to being both hungry and headed for his favorite restaurant, wonders how he can keep from drooling. The family who admit to being living eat burgers, which they greatly enjoy. Andy is very tempted by the smell of the burgers. Jen smells Al's burger. Andy, very tempted and hungry, imagines himself in a zoo with his family visiting him and eating burgers, and Jen saying "This ugly animal looks hungry but the sign says not to feed him. Oh well." Two military men are eating burgers and see Andy, and think he's really dead and the family killed him. The Larkins leave the restaurant. At the carnival, Andy is in the dunk tank, advertised as dead. Andy debates quitting. He then decides not to. Andy decides the throwers are not very good at it. Danny is there and is saying "No. Why did you have to take him? Why not me?". Al tells a joke about Andy being dead. Lik starts throwing, but then those police arrive. Al says that Andy is not really dead and it's a joke, but Andy doesn't move. Andy waits until Al says "You win". Danny picks up Andy and they roll down the hill in a wagon, chased by the rest of the Larkin family and the police. Along the way a fire hydrant breaks. The boys end up in the river. Andy ends up in a tree, but his pants rip off and he ends up knee deep in the river but still not dunked. Freida grounds him. Danny gives him pants and they go off on Danny's scooter, while the others go back to the carnival.