Nurse Jen is an episode of What's With Andy?

Recap Edit

It starts with Andy and Danny running outdoors. Andy's right foot is bandaged and he is saying "Ow, ow, ow". Jen and a bunch of other people are chasing him, covered in soap froth. Danny says they are mad and asks if he can leave. Andy calls Danny a traitor. He then says it was meant to be a prank but then something happened.

At school, Jen is doing a balancing act, Teri claps and Danny watches Andy shoot hoops. Jen calls Andy a show-off. Andy shows off an improvised throw with a trampoline and falls down, apparently hurt. Danny and the girls check on him, but the girls see a fake hand Andy had put on the hoop and scream in terror as Andy giggles, knowing that they fell for another one of his pranks. Suddenly, the hand lands on the ground. Jen finds out that it's fake and throws out the "creep" insult, but Danny doesn't think the prank makes Andy a creep. In fact, he's laughing, and so is Andy. Jen does her trandemark stiff-shouldered-fist-handed-cresendo-growl, which Andy copies. Both girls then do the growl and storm off. The boys, however, are satisfied. Andy puts his fake hand in his locker and Jen is standing net to Lik and Leech, holding a book. She waves and he uses the hand to wave back. She beckons. Andy says that Jen is probably up to something as she is usually mad for a few days after being pranked. He daydreams that Jen gives him an ice cream and a weight falls on him. Andy says that he always expects to be re-pranked. Jen is angry at the bullies that Andy left and asks them to do something. The boys then say they will "moron him to bits". They taunt Andy and all three bullies chase Andy, knocking him over. Lik and Leech are on top of Andy, Jen is on the stairs. Andy is acting like he's hurt his leg. Lauren "Lori" Mackney goes up to Andy and tries to help him but Jen accuses him of faking and kicks him in the leg. This apparently hurts. Lori calls Jen "heartless" and Jen awkwardly explains that because Andy is a prankster she thought he was pranking again and she didn't mean to, but Lori doesn't know how Jen could kick someone in the ankle and say she didn't mean to. Lori helps Andy up. Lori, Danny and Andy walk off, with Andy limping. Jen is shocked, and all the people (including Lik and Leech) glare at Jen. At hospital, Andy exaggerates pain greatly. The doctor only took off his shoe but Andy is acting like he's in pain. Andy is asked to wiggle his toes, and he does so for a few seconds before doing a slightly fake-sounding "ow". He is asked to move his foot and he does so, with a few "ow"s. The foot is not broken and the doctor suggests bed-rest for about a week, but does seem to suspect Andy is faking. This surprises the parents and Andy says "If only Jen hadn't kicked me." At home, the parents are angry at Jen for kicking him. Alfred "Al" Larkin tries to find a word that is something along the lines of "annoying", but Jen says "kickable", which makes her father mad. Freida Larkin punishes Jen by making her Andy's "nurse". Andy teases her by calling her Nurse Jen. The parents do the we-just-did line and she does her signature growl. They run off to yell at her and Danny is there and then Andy reveals that he is in fact faking. Danny asks why he is faking a hurt leg and Andy says that he is trying to out-prank Jen after she tried to re-prank him for the rubber hand prank. Danny asks if the prank madness will end and Andy says it will at Prank 736-34. Danny is scared of that prank and wonders if Andy is serious. He is. The prank is to fill Beans and Burger with bubbles. Danny asks how Andy will pull off the prank from his bed as he needs material. Andy says he is going to get help. Danny is too scared to help with Prank 736-34. Andy says that he will use Jen instead. Danny asks to explain. Andy has a daydream of himself pranking a girl with a cat. Andy says the best pranks can be blamed on someone else and he can't be blamed as he is in bed, apparently hurt. Jen is recruited to buy the materials and in doing so she will be seen and eventually blamed. Danny thinks this is a very good plan. Lori comes and Andy starts faking injury again. Lori asks if he's OK. Andy's OK all right but doesn't admit it. He pretends to need help and Lori has arranged to bring Andy's homework. Lori still is holding a grudge on Jen, who comes. Andy tells Jen to get a few things. That includes pizza. Danny asks if he can move in until Andy's "busy". Jen is presented with the prank shopping list, which she doesn't like. She asks what the vacuum pack is for, and Andy lies it's for a school science project. Jen walks off. Andy suggests she set up a working spot for he and Lori in the garden. He's satisfied. Lori still feels sorry for Andy and is walking. She tells Freida that Andy's cute when he's "defenseless". Freida says most men are. She sees the work spot. Lori's impressed. Danny goes out to see Lori rubbing Andy's "hurt" foot. Andy wonders if he will marry Lori if he fakes a broken leg next time. Jen buys cleaning supplies from a hardware store and Mr. Hutchins is wondering what it's for. Jen says she is helping out her brother. Mr. Hutchins asks how Andy is. He sort of misses him. Jen says Andy's being demanding and Mr. Hutchins says she is a good sister. She is sick of her nickname. In Andy's room, he and Danny are preparing the prank. Danny says that they need to have the school kids come to Beans and Burger. Andy rings his bell and Jen does a higher pitched and more agitated version of her growl and says something rude but is not allowed to. Andy says he is missing his friends, and asks for a Get Well, Andy party set up at Beans and Burger. Jervis Coltrane doesn't want to come, but Lori does and she wonders if he's become a "new man". Jervis teases her. In Andy's room, he worries about Lori getting sudsed. Danny requests he give up, but Andy thinks it's such a good prank, Jen will get blamed and he will make sure Lori's out of the Beans and Burger when it happens. The prank is ready, the party is in twenty minutes, and Andy has practiced an "I'm almost healed but still in pain" walk. Danny asks if he knows how to distract Lori and Andy says that he will lead her outside to thank her. At the party, it is "time". Jen is there, but angry. Andy invites Lori out. She "helps" him out and he blows a raspberry at Jervis. Danny flips the switch. Andy is thanking Lori. They flirt and then the bubbles fly. Jen accuses Andy and he plays innocent. Mr. Hutchins says he saw Jen buying the materials. All eyes are on Jen, who stamps on Andy's foot. It doesn't really hurt, but Lori discovers he is faking as the wrong ankle is bandaged. She gets angry. Jen kicks Andy again and they run off. That's where the audience left off.

Quotes Edit

  • "This was meant to be a great prank day. Every detail was planned out. Well, almost"-Andy
  • "Now, you think Jen would still be mad at me. She usually boils for a couple of days after I nail her with a prank, so I'm thinking she's up to something."-Andy
  • "Ow, ow, don't touch it there! OW! No, please! No more! I-it's too much! Stop! STOP!" "Doctor, please, can't you see he's in pain?" "I only took off his shoe." "And it almost killed me."-Andy, Freida, and Doctor.
  • "This is most unacceptable. I know Andy is sometimes, well,..." "Kickable?" "That wasn't what I was going to say!"-Al and Jen
  • "After you've been pranked for a prank you did you need to... re-prank!" "Is there no end to this madness?"-Andy and Danny
  • "I've been practicing my 'I'm-almost-healed-but-still-in-pain' walk for the party. What do you think?"-Andy