Mrs. Weebles is an elderly woman who runs the local park. She doesn't like dogs, as she believes they urinate all over the place, and she is a bit of a neat freak. Mrs. Weebles was one of the people to go mad over the Beat the Bomb game show in Beat the Bomb. She also believes Spank is smelly.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Weebles is a short, elderly woman with Caucasian skin, and grey curly hair that she wears up. She has glasses and a pink, silky dress with white trim, and pink earrings. She also has large, pink lips.

Trivia Edit

  • In Emergency Spew Relish, Andy and Danny run into another elderly lady who wears pink, however this is clearly not Mrs. Wheelbase as her voice was different, the boys didn't recognise her, she didn't recognise them, and she also likes dogs, as evidenced by her having a dog (a surly teacup poodle named Oscar). Andy nicknames this woman "Grandma Moses".