101 UnderpantsAlfred "Al" LarkinAndrea
Andrew "Andy" LarkinAndrew LeechAndy Griffith
Andy Pranky Pudding and PieBeans and BurgerBeat the Bomb
Betty RothBustingChanges Between season 1 and 2
Changes Between season 2 and 3ClydeCraig Bennett
Daniel "Danny" Thaddeus PickettDanny DeckerDon't Eat the Yellow Snow
East GackleEmergency Spew RelishFood Fight
Freida LarkinGnome for the HolidaysGoggles girl
Gooey ChewiesJennifer "Jen" LarkinJervis Coltrane
John's AppointmentJust StuffingLauren "Lori" Mackney
Lick and LeechMr. HutchinsMr. Mackney
Mr. PickettMr. ScornMrs. Mackney
Mrs. MurphyMrs. ScornMrs. Weebles
Ms. PerwinkleMushNatasha
Norman LarkinNotable Background CharactersNurse Jen
Peter LikPlaying DeadPrincipal DeRosa
RachelRhyme TimeRoad Trip
Romancing the PrankScary TeriShort hair girl
Snow JobSpankSuze
TeriThe Prank That Never HappenedThe Show
The Show Must Go OnThe Toilet Paper FiascoVery Bad Idea
Weight to Go, AndyWhat's With Andy WikiWhat's With Jean Thomas?
World of Jetix
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File:What's With Andy 2016.JPGFile:What's with Andy? 1.jpgFile:What-s-with-Andy-whats-with-andy-18708781-480-360.jpg
File:What s with andy by cherry090-d8bfkms.pngFile:What s with andy random teen girls by csodaaut-d60wy3i.pngFile:Whats with- andy d.jpg
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