Peter Lick and Andrew Leech are two schoolyard bullies.

Both Edit

They have a habit of calling people by their surnames, stealing lunch money, being arrogant, laughing at people, teasing, and threatening people with violence. They mostly bully Andy, but sometimes Danny. They tease each other, too, but when they tease each other they are OK with it. They are both high school boys and both Caucasian.

Lick Edit

He is tall and thin, with spiky blue hair, green shorts, and a grey t-shirt. He is the sort of leader of the two and teases Leech. Andy refers to him as a "moron". Lick is also the more serious of the two.

Leech Edit

He is the shorter, fatter one with the brown hair and the green outfit, which includes a green baseball cap. He tends to make dirty jokes with words like "nuts" and "bosoms".

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