Lori mackney

Lori is a very smart straight-A student and writer for the East Gackle Middle School newspaper, and Andy's love interest. She is a beautiful girl who's popular with half of the boys at her high school, including the school prankster Andy.

She is hard working and dedicated to her studies and the paper, while she can be kind and caring she can also be stern and can give the cold shoulder like she usually does to Andy when he does one of his pranks.

It's also hinted that Lori returns Andy's feelings, as she thinks he is funny and cute. Although she thinks Andy goes too far sometimes with his pranks, causing her to get angry at him and not speaking to him at times. She also gets back at him for his tricks to win her affections, like at the rodeo when he entered to kiss her and she never told Andy that the rodeo queen is the one who won the bull riding contest and the rodeo queen was actually her friend Hazel.

Andy is shown to be extremely jealous when either Jarvis or other guys flirt with Lori and his jealousy would lead to him pranking the guys and cause Lori to get mad at him.

While Lori thinks Andy's pranks are immature, she thinks some of them are funny and he is sweet.

Lori's father is also a prankster and he gets along with Andy in the episode "Gooey Chewy".

Lori was voiced by Colleen Villard in Season 1, Jaclyn Linetsky in Season 2, and Eleanor Noble in Season 3.


  • Lori is the only character to have three different voice actors. This is because Eleanor Noble replaced Jaclyn Linetsky after her death in a car accident in 2003.