Jarvis Coltrane is a wealthy boy who usually buys people with his money to get what he wants, he and Andy are arch rivals and he is also in love with Lori Mackney. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Season 1 and Bruce Dinsmore in Seasons 2 and 3. 

Jarvis is the son of an electronics store owner, and because of that his family is rich. Besides the fact that he has money and can be a snob, he is usually insecure and easily embarrassed. He doesn't have many friends and would make deals with them buy giving them money in return, while Lori is nice to him she also gets annoyed with his snobbish antics when he tries to impress her.

Andy and Jarvis are arch rivals, Jarvis thinks Andy's pranks are immature and Andy usually uses his pranks to ruin Jarvis when he tries to get on the mayor's good side or if Jarvis insults Andy and he wants revenge. The source of their rivalry also stems from the fact that both Andy and Jarvis are in love with Lori Mackney, the beautiful straight A student and writer for the East Gackle high school paper. They would compete for her attention, and while Jarvis usually wins Lori over, it's usually because she feels sorry for Jarvis since he is usually insulted by Andy and she wants to teach Andy a lesson.

An example of Andy and Jarvis's rivalry would be when Andy puts a magnetic golf ball in the mayor's bag and Jarvis got framed for the prank, another time would be when Andy ruined Jarvis's party that he threw for the mayor and Jarvis lost his chances of working at the mayor's country club for failing to stop Andy's prank. He is often victim of the most embarrassing pranks. For example Andy is always making fun of his butt. In "Pranks are in the air" Andy pranks Jervis that he got sticked on his chair. After that his butt was sticky and Andy puts things and pictures on it calling him sticky bum-bum. In "Passing Prank" Andy embarasses Jervis with a whoopie cushion in front of Lori. In "Fore" Jervis sat on on brown chocolate which made his butt looked like he wasn't fast enough to go to the toilet. In "Prank days of summer" Andy put toilet paper on Jervis's butt.

In "New Kid on the chopping block" Jervis was a victim of pranks too. Andy made it look like Jervis wet his pants in front of the students. Jervis was embarrassed and ran with his wet pants to the toilet. Andy often tell Jervis that she should watch out that his pants don't shrink while he's wearing them. In "Fore" Andy steals Jervis clothes and leave him alone in his underwear. In "Daddy" Andy pranks Jervis in front of the class where he made his baby feeding invention explode.

Jervis was also one of Andy's many targets for revenge for Andy as one time during the Summer, Jervis rubbed the fact he is working for the Mayor in Andy's face as he said Andy was wasting his time, and when Jervis gets a new car he plans to take Lori for a ride in it.