Gnome for the Holidays is an episode of What's With Andy.

Recap Edit

It begins at school on the last day before the holidays, and Andy is planning to pull some last-minute pranks. Mr Hutchins is telling them some history. Danny sneaks up and unplugs the fan. Andy collects some of a sleeping boy's drool and puts it on paper and into a gun, which he shoots spitballs with at Mr Hutchins. All the students laugh. They leave, except Andy and Danny who admire the prank and Andy says that because the spitballs are sticking to Mr Hutchins's neck, he's found the perfect drool-to-paper ratio.

Craig and his jock friends are looking forward to going on holiday at South Gackle Beach, which is the same place that Teri and her family are staying at, and Teri has also invited Jen over to stay there too, which they are looking forward to doing, Jen because she doesn't like Andy and Teri because she is glad to have Jen due to thinking her parents are boring. Jen then opens her makeup to find a plastic spider inside, which scares her, and then Andy and Danny walk past, Andy saying "Gotcha!". Jen growls at them. Martin is planning to go to South Gackle Beach too, this time to see a giant crab. Danny is invited to stay at the Larkin family house for the holidays, and Andy is hit on the head with a rugby ball from a snarky Craig. Craig then throws the ball to someone named "Bubba", but ends up falling and grabbing a pole. This makes Andy laugh. Andy and Danny want to play one last prank and decide on pranking the drive-in.

At the drive-in, a woman named Sandy asks if they want a milkshake. Andy and Danny ask for a milkshake, a diet **** with extra **** and hold the ****, making a hissing noise instead of their food choices. They then say "Gotcha!" to Sandy and leave.

Mr and Mrs Larkin are discussing gardening supplies and Andy and Danny are bored. They want to pull pranks, but there's nobody to prank. The parents then go outside and sing while gardening, but the boys aren't interested. Al then sees a ceramic bird and mistakes it for a real one, catching Danny and Freida's interest. Al notes that Burping Woodpeckers usually fly south this time of year. Andy notes that most people seem to do that too. Freida, due to having read a book on stress, thinks Andy sounds stressed (actually he's not stressed, just bored). Al thinks Freida was using big words, but they weren't that big, then Freida wants lemonade, which Al and Danny also want and they ask Andy to serve some, flirting in the process, but he thinks being the "waiter" sounds boring. He also is disgusted by his parents flirting and is still out off by the idea of nobody to prank. Al suggests Andy join in with gardening, but he's not interested. He goes for a walk, so Al asks Danny to help them garden.

Andy, while out walking, notices that the drive-in is closed as the shopkeeper went to the beach (is that where everyone is going?). He then sees the Mackneys in their car and Lori notes that Andy looks sad and tells him to cheer up, and they are on the way to South Gackle Beach too. Then, in their car, Lick and Leech call Andy a loser for staying home. He finds out that nobody is around so he is bored. He then sees the mayor polishing the gnome statue and he asks him to help polish it. He wants to go to that much-talked-about South Gackle Beach too! He also talks about how much he loves gnomes. Andy tries to play a card trick with the gnome but it doesn't work.

Back in the garden, Danny is helping the parents in the garden. Andy is deep in thought about the mayor saying "gnomes are the future" and figures out how to entertain themselves and shows Danny a fenced-in area full of lawn gnomes, which he decides that he's going to prank like dummies to entertain himself. Danny then discovers an entrance.

Andy and Danny then grab a bunch of gnomes. Andy puts one in the drive-in's window as "Sandy", and he and Danny place gnomes in all the places where there are usually people.

That evening, Andy says that he got his "town" back, and now he has the week to prank the gnomes, but Danny thinks Andy has gone nutso.

The next morning, Andy pranks gnomes but the bucket of water falls on himself, the whoopie cushion doesn't work, and itching powder gets all over him. Andy then touches the giant gnome but gets a static shock and decides to give up. He decides to find a new job/personality and tries out being a nerd, but the only nerd he knows is Martin and so he thinks he has to walk like Martin, which just gives himself a wedgie. He then tries to be a traffic cop but he doesn't like it. He tries to be an animal trainer, but Spank isn't interested.

Andy is sad because he's very bored and passes a closed diner, restaurant, tanning salon and barbers' shop where he used to replace sour cream with shaving cream, wear a Halloween mask in the ball pit, slip hair remover into the massage oil, and replace shaving cream with sour cream respectively.

At home, Andy is very sad and bored. He sees his parents and Danny gardening and has a minor identity crisis. He wants to be entertained but at the same time feels like he wants to forget who he is as pranking is part of his personality.