Freida Larkin is Andy and Jen Larkin's Mother and Al's wife. She is a housewife involved in the community and is passionate about doing what is best for her family. She is voiced by Cathy Cavadini in Season 1 and Susan Glover in Seasons 2 and 3. 

Freida hates it when her son pulls pranks on her and in the community and she and her husband often punish Andy for them, but when people threaten Andy and say that there is something wrong with him, she defends him and tells them that, despite his pranking, he is normal unlike the other people's children who she often see's as over working, over achieving and completely snobby like the people who criticize her son regardless of his prank.

Freida is a caring mother who wants what is best for her son and daughter, and is a loving wife to Al and supports him.

When Freida was in school, the mystery prankster of East Gackle pulled pranks on her and the other students, and it is possible she was dating Al at that time and didn't know he was the mystery prankster, even after they got married and had children she still doesn't know the mystery prankster is her husband as Al kept it a secret for twenty years after he went into therapy with Miss. Murphy to cure his pranking forever.

While Freida disapproves Andy's pranking, she is also proud of him when he helps East Gackle and does the right thing.

Frieda has fair skin, short blonde hair, a pink blouse and purple leggings. She wears red lipstick. Despite not normally caring about her appearance, she can start caring if she is jealous of someone else's appearance.