East Gackle is a quiet little town, or it would be quiet if it wasn't for Andy. Some pranks affect the whole town, such as turning the water supply green to alien invasions. It is the home of the East Gackle Cheapskates hockey team. East Gackle's major export is toilet paper. The Gackle River also runs through the town.

East Gackle on the MapEdit

Throughout the episdoes we have found out about East Gackle's surrounding towns. Their town symbol/mascot is a giant gnome(season 1 only) and Mr.E.G a wooden statue of a gnome like person. To the west should be the much bigger West Gackle(mentioned in the episodes "Fore!" and "To Kill a Caribou") since it says west, which Mayor Simms is the mayor of. Their town symbol/mascot is a caribou. To the south should be South Gackle(mentioned in the episode "Gnome for the Holidays") since it says south. Their town symbol/mascot is a giant sand scorpion. To the north should be North Gackle since it says north, it is never mentioned but its a good guess since there are already East, West and South Gackle. To the east should be East Gackle's neighbouring sister-town Moosehoof(mentioned in the episodes "Life is a Lottery, Old Chum" and "Mr.E.G. goes to Moosehoof") since that's the only border left. Their town symbol/mascot is a moose.

Map of East GackleEdit



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