Don't Eat the Yellow Snow is an episode of What's With Andy

It starts on a snowy day. Jen asks what the thermometer reads. Andy is excited as it reads minus twenty-five. Jen does not think that is great but says liking it is typical of Andy and calls him a freak. Freida Larkin asks if it's a real temperature. Jen says it's parental abuse to make her go out in the cold, but Alfred "Al" Larkin says that if they dress warmly, she will have fun at the winter carnival. Andy says that every year, his dad takes the whole family out to the winter carnival where they can sled down the hill. He says that his mother and sister put up a fuss, but he likes it. He remembers throwing snowballs at Jen, and says he thinks he will try a variation this year. At the carnival, Al enjoys seeing his breath as he thinks it's the best part of winter. Someone in a yeti suit is complaining about the cold. Jen is just standing there. Andy makes a snowball. He calls Jen's name, but then gets snow on his face. Jen says she was expecting to be snowballed this year. She then calls Andy a creep. Freida says she will get a coffee and warm up. Jen follows her mother. Andy notices someone making an ice sculpture with a chainsaw, which he thinks is cool. Al reminds his son that the latter promised to behave this year. Andy thinks his dad was referring to what happened last year: Andy had made a snowman with a butt. Andy notices ice sculptures of a poodle, a chihuahua, a pit bull, and a mutt. Sooty looks at the poodle sculpture. Andy asks the sculptor why all the ice sculptures are of dogs. The sculptor says there is a 'man's best friend' theme, and Andy asks if it's better than real life, to Sooty who is looking at the ice poodle. An old woman removes him from the sculpture, calls him smelly, and tells Andy to keep him away from her ice sculpture competition. Andy says that Sooty was just trying to make friends, and the old lady says dogs are no longer allowed in public parks since she made a rally. Andy asks what about the ice dogs. The old lady says that ice dogs don't "urinate all over the place". She then tells Andy and Sooty to leave before she calls the dog catcher. Andy thinks this is ironic as the exhibit is celebrating man's best friend. At school, Andy is talking to Danny, who wants the former to pull a prank. They pass some hippies, who say that they forced the paper plant to shut down and empty its leaky storage tank five years ago. They also cleaned up the vacant lot which the waste leaked into and the hippie asks for money. Andy and Danny notice that the lot is the city park where the festival is. Andy says that the ice dogs aren't toilet trained. Al gives Andy a look at the toilet paper factory, along with his sleeping co-worker Frank. Al then has to leave as Mr. Croc called his name. Andy lets Danny in and they take in large jugs of lemonade. The prank was to pour lemonade into the pipes. It will then leak into the tank and into the park, which will make it look like the ice dogs peed. Danny calls him a genius. Jen looks out of the window. At the park that night, Andy is disguised as a cop. Another cop is on the lookout for Andy. The next day, the old lady is hoping Sooty's at home. Andy says they have no dog. She then notices the lemonade and thinks a dog somewhere peed. She asks for the police and mayor. The police come. The woman says it is the boys who did it and the police say that they cannot arrest the boys as they are innocent until proven guilty. Andy jokes that the ice dogs peed on the lawn. This amuses two men, and the old lady says that when she finds them out they will regret pulling the little prank. Andy says that it was a gigantic prank. In Andy's room, the boys find Jen with the lemonade jugs. Jen says she knows they did it but doesn't know how. Andy says he doesn't care if she tells because she still doesn't know how the prank was done and it was still a good prank. They bet a hundred dollars that someone can figure it out. At lunch, Jen tells the whole school, and offers a hundred dollars to the first person who can replicate the prank. Lik and Leech say that they will win the hundred dollars but still take Andy's lunch money, three dollars a day for three months. One tries to calculate, but the other doesn't approve as that's homework stuff. One man thinks he did it with a ladder and a Willy Wet doll. The man falls off the ladder and onto another man, who calls him an idiot. Jervis Coltrane thinks Andy and Danny dropped a water bomb with a toy plane but the police say they would have heard it. One boy thinks Andy and Danny evaporated the lemonade with boiling and dry ice so it "rained" down, but he accidentally makes a mini tornado. Andy is in Jen's room, seeing that Jen does not have a hundred dollars. Andy and Danny spy on Jen. Andy decides to take the fall, and confesses and tells how he did it. He therefore wins. Jen, it turns out, was there to give the old woman some coffee and donuts. Andy is in trouble. He has to help remove the tank. Al gets fired. Jen calls Andy a creep again and Andy feels guilty. Al gets a new job as a janitor. On one day, Andy falls asleep at lunch, and he has no time for homework. Andy says everyone is mad and Danny says Jen laughs at him. Andy decides to give up pranking, which Danny says is not allowed. He then asks what Al is doing, to which Andy says he sold magazines on Monday, collected empty cans on Tuesday, mopped up at Beans and Burgers yesterday and is part of the environment group today. Andy finally finishes digging up the tank. A man asks if Andy wants to get sick or something. Andy wonders why he would get sick. Al picks up Andy, having been fired again. Andy asks who cleaned up the tank five years ago. Al says it was Mr. Croc. Two men are about to empty the tank, when they hear a growling noise. It was Andy in a yeti suit. It turns out the tank was not empty. Andy is a hero for unmasking the scandal. Al gets his job back. Dogs are now allowed in the park, and now there is going to be a swimming pool. The old lady still doesn't like Sooty.

Trivia Edit

  • Someone calls the police Officers Ren and Stimpy. Ren and Stimpy are characters in a real life cartoon.

Quotes Edit

  • "What does it say?" "Minus twenty-five? All right!" "You would think that's great, you little freak!" "Is that a real temperature? I didn't think thermometers could go that low!"-Jen, Andy, and Freida.
  • "You can't make us go out in that weather! It's parental abuse! There are laws, you know!"-Jen
  • "Every year, Dad drags the whole family, kicking and screaming, to slide down a hill and take sleigh rides until our toes turn blue, but I like the winter carnival"-Andy, narrating.
  • "Call me crazy, but I don't think it's really winter unless you can see your breath!"-Al
  • "What's with all the dogs?"-Andy
  • "Get this smelly mutt away from my ice sculpture competition!" "He's just trying to make friends" "Dogs are no longer allowed in public parks. Not since I helped make up Proposition Eighty-Six last year" "What about those dogs?" "Don't get smart with me, young man. They don't urinate all over the place. Now leave, before I call the dogcatcher." "Chased out of an exhibit celebrating man's best friend. Hope you have a sense of irony, Spank."-Old lady and Andy
  • "I bet you Mrs. Weebles doesn't even know that her ice dogs aren't toilet trained"-Andy
  • "Do you know what you're doing?" "Yes, the prank of the century. This lemonade will make its way through the pipes and into the empty underground tank. Because the tank has a rupture, it'll leech up to the surface, and tomorrow morning, Mrs. Weebles' precious park will look like all those ice dogs took a toilet break."-Danny and Andy
  • "Yes, ma'am. I mean no, ma'am. No dog here."-Andy
  • "Maybe someone forgot to tell the ice dogs there's a city ordinance against peeing on the lawn."-Andy
  • "I don't know how you did it, young men, but I will find out and when I do you will regret the day you pulled this little prank!" "Little prank? Give me some credit! It was a gigantic prank!"-Old lady and Andy
  • "We're gonna win that hundred dollars, and then we're still gonna, y'know, take your lunch money for a month, three bucks a day for thirty days, that's..uh, um" "Hey, man! Why are you doing multiplications on my time? That's homework stuff!"-Lik and Leech
  • "The way I see it, this is how the alleged prankster did it. He just went up the ladder, and while officers Ren and Stimpy were turned away-" "Hey!" "...he did the deed. With the help of a Willie Wet doll."-Random Man and "Officer Ren"
  • "Contrary to some others, I think the prank would require some stealth and finesse. I believe the culprit resorted to advanced methods. The attack obviously occurred during the night and the bombing was accurate and definitive"-Jervis
  • "I think we have been approaching this from the wrong direction. We have to sit right by and let nature do all the work, efficiently and noiselessly. By boiling the liquid over a hot flame and adding a little dry ice, we create a cloud of vapor. With a clement wind, the vapor cloud goes right into the park unnoticed. As we all know, when vapor cools, it forms condensation, in other words, rain." "Wait a minute, that cloud is hot, isn't it? What happens when a warm front and a cold front meet?" "Why, you get a tornado."-Nerd and Andy
  • "Please don't hurt me. I didn't mean for you to get covered in industrial waste. I couldn't afford to have the tank emptied, cos I gambled away the employees' bonuses."-Man