Craig Bennett is a student of the same school that Andy, Danny, Lik, Leech, Teri, Jen, Martin, and Lori attend.

Both Jen and Teri have crushes on him, and he is considered Jen's on-again-off-again boyfriend. In Beat the Bomb, he was one of the people to go mad over the game show Beat the Bomb. He likes many sports, including American football, soccer, and basketball, but is not above cheating at them. Andy considers him a loser. Jen calls him "Craigy-waigy" when she is flirting with him.

Appearance Edit

Craig is very tall and muscular. He is white with slicked-back, blond hair, and is often seen wearing a baby blue T-shirt with a lighter blue 1 on it, a brown belt, dark green trousers, and grey and orange sneakers.

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