Busting is an episode of What's With Andy, based off "Bursting" from Just Stupid.

Recap Edit

It starts at a shopping mall, with Andy crawling on the floor in his underwear, begging for a bathroom. He begins to explain. The full story begins when Lik and Leech say that Andy needs to buy them fries, burgers, soda and brownies from Face Stuffers, or he'll be living in Wedgie Town for the next couple of weeks. Andy imagines a town where people boast their wedgies, while the bullies think up a before-wedgie wedgie. Andy then decides to hold a competition of "manhood": See who can drink the most juice from the grape juice stall the fastest. If he wins, he doesn't have to buy the food for the bullies. Andy wins, finishing the whole jug. By then, the juice seller calls them "selfish, inconsiderate boobs" for drinking all the juice and leaving none for the other customers. Andy, by now, is full and some of it has already reached his bladder, so he goes off to look for a bathroom, while saying a rhyme: hold it in, do a dance, that's the way to keep dry pants". He reaches a bathroom, but the janitor says "All the terlets are either dead or spewing up refuse". Andy, while doing his potty dance, says it's bad news and walks off, past a man talking to a woman about running water and a child singing the alphabet but getting stuck on "P". Andy wonders if he drank too much grape juice and notices the escalator. He imagines cheerleaders singing the Hold It In chant. He then ascends the escalator. A janitor at the top, who is mopping the floor, says that he needs to wait fifteen minutes before entering the bathroom. Andy says he can't and might explode. The janitor says that they don't want him to explode and he agrees with her. He then imagines himself actually exploding. On another escalator, his shoe is stuck, and goes into the escalator's works. In the process, Andy trips up an old man with a broken leg, who calls him a menacing son of a goat. He then runs into Lori, who says he's an eight on a scale of one to ten. Andy hears "you're an eight" as "urinate" and begins groaning and potty dancing. Lori thinks he's in pain, and Andy backs her up as he is too embarrassed to admit he just needs the bathroom. She gives him ice tea, but he is not thirsty, and says no. Lori runs off to get something else and Andy runs off to the bathroom. On the way, two younger children squirt him in the crotch with water guns. In the bathroom, Lik and Leech are hiding out in the bathroom stall and tease him about needing to go, interpret the wet spot from the water guns as a "little accident", and throw him out of the stall. He tries to think like a bathroom, but finds himself in the water control room. A blast of water sends him out of the room, his pants catch on a signpost, and he lands on a bench, launching a grown man onto a kiddie ride. Andy is then in his position when he started narrating: crawling on the floor in his underwear, begging for a bathroom. This gives him some weird looks. He bumps into the boxes of grape juice and passes out. When he wakes up, there are fire fighters over him and he asks if he went yet. The firefighters say that the escalator is on fire and they are out of water. Andy pees out the fire and ends up on TV, hailed as a hero.

Trivia Edit

  • There was a hippie in the book. In this episode, he is cut out.
  • The original ending had it turn out to all be a dream and have him wet the bed. In this version, it is real and he ends up on TV. Overall, a happier ending for Andy.
  • This is a rare episode where Andy doesn't pull a prank.
  • The episode takes place on a Saturday.

Quotes Edit

  • "Uh, please. Bathroom, bathroom, bathroom! A typical Saturday afternoon? You're in the mall and suddenly a kid crawls along in his underwear, begging for a bathroom! Imagine being that kid!"-Andy, episode's first line.
  • "You need to buy us burgers, fries, soda, and brownies from Face Stuffers or you'll be living in Wedgie Town for the next couple of weeks"-Lik
  • "We need our burgers and other stuff pronto! Or do you want a before-wedgie wedgie?"-Leech
  • "Hey, Larkin! Hope your guts bust and explode all over the place!"-Lik and Leech
  • "I'm tellin' ya, water just kept coming and coming so much rushin' water!"-Random man.
  • "A, B, C, D, E, F, G. H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. P, P. What's after "P?". P, P"-Random Boy
  • "Fifteen minutes?! Oh no, I can't wait fifteen minutes. If I don't find a bathroom pretty soon, I'll explode." "That wouldn't be good now, would it?" "No, it would not."-Andy and Janitor.
  • "It's getting critical"-Andy
  • "Andy Larkin? What a surprise! I was just talking with friends and we were rating everyone on a scale of one to ten, and guess what? You're an eight!" "(Hearing "urinate") What? Oh, hi, Lori!" "Just shopping for an outfit for the school dance (notices his potty dance) Are you OK? Are you all right, you look..." "(too embarrassed to admit he needs the toilet) It's been a crazy day. My belly hurts." "Oh my gosh! You're in horrible pain! OK, OK, let's see. Do you want to sit down? No, I'll get you something to drink. A big, cold drink.Oh, here! Try this. It's the most awesome iced tea you'll ever have. Ever. Have it! Go ahead! It'll help!" "(scared) No! I can't! No more!". "OK, you'll stay right there and I'll go get something else. Stay right. Here!"-Lori and Andy
  • (As a response to being told there's an emergency situation) "Tell me about it! I'm bustin', man!"-Andy
  • "Hey, Larkin, you're putting out the fire! Watch where you're aiming at, Nature Boy!".-Bullies.