The 15-year-old star of the show who is obsessed with pranks. He is Jen's younger brother. The main character of the show and a prankster who loves to prank people. He is Voiced by Ian James Corlett

Early LifeEdit

Andy loves to prank people. The pranking genius of East Gackle. But people just hate it. Andy loses his pants usually. An "artist of pranks", he loves the sheer thrill of pulling practical jokes on everyone in his small town, including the mayor! Pranking aside, he is a very normal teenager who is interested in a certain girl at his school along with giving his sister a hard time and hanging out with his best bud. His Best Friend and his big helper Danny helps him to prank. In the episode "Mind Games" it is heavily implied he gets his obsession for pranking from his father who was "The Mystery Prankster of East Gackle" when he was Andy's age.